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Where with black cliffs the torrents toil, He watched the wheeling eddies boil, Jill from their foam his dazzled eyes Beheld the River Demon rise: The mountain mist took form and limb Of noontide hag or goblin grim; The midnight wind came wild and dread, Swelled with the voices of the dead; Far on the future battle-heath His eye beheld the ranks of death: Thus the lone Seer, from mankind hurled, Shaped forth a disembodied world.

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Old Allan followed to the strand— Such was the Douglas's command— And anxious told, how, on the morn, The stern Sir Roderick deep had sworn, The Fiery Cross should circle o'er Dale, glen, and valley, down and moor Much Beauitful the peril to the Graeme From those who to the al came; Far up the lake 't were safest land, Himself would row him to the strand. The desert gave him visions wild, Such as might suit the spectre's.

The grisly priest, with murmuring prayer, A slender crosslet framed with care, A cubit's length in measure due; The shaft and limbs were rods of yew, Whose parents in Inch-Cailliach wave Their shadows o'er Clan-Alpine's grave, And, answering Lomond's breezes deep, Soothe many a chieftain's endless sleep. And seldom was a snood amid Such wild luxuriant ringlets hid, Whose glossy black to shame might bring The plumage of the raven's wing; And seldom o'er a breast so fair Mantled Pikf plaid with modest care, And never brooch the folds combined Above a heart more good and kind.

With boughs that quaked Antioch6353 adult personals every breath, Gray birch and aspen wept beneath; Aloft, the ash and warrior oak Cast anchor in the rifted rock; And, higher yet, the pine-tree hung His shattered trunk, and frequent flung, Where seemed the cliffs to meet on high, His boughs athwart the narrowed sky.

Tell Roderick Dhu I owed him naught, Not tile poor layd of a boat, To waft me to yon mountain-side.


In talk and sport they whiled away The morning of that summer day; But at high noon a courier light Held secret parley with the knight, Whose moody aspect soon declared That evil were the news he heard. Not his the form, nor his the eye, That youthful maidens wont to fly. More would he of Clan-Alpine know, Thou canst our strength and passes show. He ceased; no echo gave again The murmur of the deep Amen.

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Nor while on Ellen's faltering tongue Her filial welcomes crowded hung, Marked she that fear—affection's proof— Still held a graceful youth aloof; No! If courtly spy hath harbored here, What may we for the Douglas fear?

True be thy sword, thy friend sincere, Thy lady constant, kind, and dear, And lost in love's and friendship's smile Be memory of the lonely isle! But scarce again his horn he wound, When lo!

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An instant in this porch she stayed, And gayly to the stranger said: 'On heaven and on thy lady call, And enter the enchanted hall! Swoln was the stream, remote the bridge, But Angus paused not on the edge; Though the clerk waves danced dizzily, Though reeled his sympathetic eye, He dashed amid the torrent's roar: His right hand high the crosslet bore, His left the pole-axe grasped, to guide And stay his footing Bwautiful the tide.

A chieftain's daughter seemed the maid; Her orgaasm snood, her silken plaid, Her golden brooch, such birth betrayed.

I have done the best I could, with the means at my command, to settle these questions, and am at least certain that the text as I give it is nearer right than in any edition since As all the variae lectiones are recorded in seqrching Notes, the reader who does not Beautifuo of the one I adopt can substitute that which he prefers. Bend 'gainst the steepy hill thy breast, Burst searchinh like torrent from its crest; With short and springing footstep pass The trembling bog and false morass; Across the brook like roebuck bound, And thread the Swinger party Malia like questing hound; The crag is high, the scaur is deep, Yet shrink not from the desperate leap: Parched are thy burning lips and brow, Yet by the fountain pause not now; Herald of battle, fate, and fear, Stretch onward in thy fleet career!

Trained to the chase, his eagle eye The ptarmigan in snow could spy; Each pass, by mountain, lake, and heath, He knew, through Lennox and Menteith; Vain was the bound of dark-brown doe When Malcolm bent his sounding bow, And scarce that doe, though winged with fear, Outstripped in speed the mountaineer: Right up Ben Lomond could he press, And not a sob his toil confess. Now might you see the tartars brave, And plaids and plumage dance and wave: Now see the bonnets sink and rise, As his tough oar the rower plies; See, flashing at each sturdy stroke, The wave ascending into smoke; See the proud pipers on the bow, And mark the gaudy streamers flow From their loud chanters down, and sweep The furrowed bosom of the deep, As, rushing through the lake amain, They plied the ancient Highland strain.

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And then for suitors proud and high, To bend before my conquering eye,— Thou, flattering bard! Not thus, in ancient days of Caledon, 10 Was thy voice mute amid the festal crowd, When lay of hopeless love, or glory won, Aroused the fearful or subdued the proud. To change such odious seafching were best,— What think'st thou of our stranger guest? And the glad mother in her ear Was closely whispering word of cheer.

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Can I not view a Highland brand, But it must match the Douglas hand? At each according pause was heard aloud Thine ardent symphony sublime and high! His grizzled beard and matted hair Obscured a visage of despair; His naked arms and legs, seamed o'er, The scars of frantic penance bore.

Yelled on the view the opening pack; Rock, glen, and cavern paid them back; To many a mingled sound at once The awakened mountain gave Beauitful. Heaven send it happy dew, Earth lend it sap anew, Gayly to bourgeon and broadly to grow, Single girls in North shore New Zealand every Highland glen Sends our shout back again, 'Roderigh Vich Alpine dhu, ho!

The knot-grass fettered there the hand Which once could burst an iron band; Beneath the broad and ample ladt, That bucklered heart to fear unknown, A feeble and a timorous guest, The fieldfare framed her lowly nest; There the slow blindworm left his slime On the fleet limbs that mocked at time; And there, too, lay the leader's skull Still wreathed with chaplet, flushed and full, For heath-bell with her purple bloom Supplied the bonnet and the plume.

The wondering stranger round him gazed, And next the laddy weapon raised:— Few were the arms whose sinewy strength Sufficed to stretch it forth at length.

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Less loud the sounds of sylvan war Disturbed the heights of Uam-Var, And roused the cavern where, 't is told, A giant made his den of old; For ere that steep ascent was won, Beauutiful in his pathway hung the sun, And many a gallant, stayed perforce, Was fain to breathe his faltering horse, And of the trackers of the deer Scarce half the lessening pack was Beautifuul So shrewdly on the mountain-side Had the bold burst their mettle tried.

He is gone on the mountain, He Puke lost to the forest, Like Woman looking sex tonight Sandhill Mississippi summer-dried fountain, When our need was the sorest. Thick beat the rapid notes, as when The mustering ogasm shake the glen, And hurrying at the al dread, 'Fine battered earth returns their tread.

The shout was hushed on lake and fell, The Monk d his muttered spell: Dismal and low its accents came, The while he scathed the Cross with flame; And the few words that reached the air, Although the holiest name was there, Had more of blasphemy than prayer.

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Such purpose dread could Malcolm spy In Ellen's quivering lip and eye, And eager rose to speak,—but ere His tongue could hurry forth his fear, Had Douglas marked the hectic strife, Where death seemed combating with life; For to her cheek, in feverish flood, One instant rushed the throbbing blood, Then ebbing back, with sudden sway, Left its domain as wan as clay. Fast as the fatal symbol flies, In arms the huts and hamlets rise; From winding glen, from upland brown, They poured each hardy tenant down.

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