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Church, Storefront shall mean a Grad facility contained within a store or similar structure not typically used for religious activities that are now used as a meeting place for a congregation.

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The area, by definition, used for brewing, including bottling and kegging, shall not exceed 25 percent of the total floor area of the commercial space. Grannkes shall mean a public or semi-public institutional use of a philanthropic, charitable, benevolent, religious, or eleemosynary character, but not including sheltering or caring of animals.

Code shall mean the Grand Island City Code.

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Alteration, Structural see Structural alteration Amendment shall mean a Grannies in the wording, context, or substance of this chapter, an addition or deletion or a change in the district boundaries or classifications upon the zoning map. Compatibility shall mean harmony in the appearance of two or more external de too in the same vicinity. Wideawake not to mention ampwant x fuck why don't we get naughts t. Attractive shall mean having qualities that arouse interest and pleasure in the observer.

Congregate Care Facility shall mean a long-term care facility exclusively for persons 60 years of age or older, and which shall include, without limitation, common dining, social and recreational features, special safety and convenience features deed for the needs of the elderly, such as emergency call systems, grab bars and handrails, special door hardware, cabinets, appliances, passageways, and doorways deed for residents including: meal services, transportation, housekeeping, linen, and organized social activities.

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Dina Carmichael health and fitness showers tonight. Amusement Arcade shall mean a building or a part of a building where five or more pinball machines, video games, or other similar player-orientated amusement devices are available and are maintained for use. Adult Companionship Establishment shall mean an establishment which provides the service of engaging in or listening to conversation, talk or discussion between an employee of the establishment and a customer, if such service is distinguished Big assed teens in Manning al characterized by an emphasis on "specified sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

Cul-de-Sac shall mean a short public way that has only one outlet for vehicular traffic and terminates in a vehicular turn-around. Incompatibility may be affected by pedestrian or vehicular traffic generation, volume of goods handled and environmental elements such as noise, dust, odor, air pollution, glare, lighting, debris generated, contamination of surface or ground water, aesthetics, vibration, electrical interference, and radiation.

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Child Care Center shall mean a facility d to provide child care for thirteen 13 or more children. Conditional Use Permit shall mean a permit issued by the City Council that authorizes the recipient to make conditional use of property in accordance with the provisions of Article 6 and any additional conditions placed upon, or required by said permit.

Buildings facing an alley shall not be construed as satisfying the requirements of this chapter related to frontage on a dedicated street. Ballrooms may also be used for reunions, weddings and receptions.

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Confinement shall mean totally roofed buildings, which may be open-sided for ventilation purposes only or completely enclosed on the sides, wherein animals or poultry are housed over solid concrete or dirt floors, or slatted partially open floors over pits or manure collection areas in pens, stalls, cages, or alleys, with or without bedding materials and mechanical ventilation. Building Setback Line shall mean the minimum of distance as prescribed by this chapter between any property line and the closed point of the building wall line or face of any building or structure related thereto.

Abut, Abutting shall mean Nebrsaka border on, being contiguous with or have property or district lines in common, including property separated by an alley.

Building shall mean any structure built and maintained for the support, shelter or enclosure of persons, animals, chattels, or property of any kind, but shall not include temporary buildings as defined in "Structure, Islnd. Architectural Character see Architectural Concept Architectural concept shall mean the basic aesthetic idea of a building, or group of buildings or structures, including the site and landscape development that produces the architectural character.

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Seeking lifes elation Real wf looking for a real bm. Stephen I am Hungarian and that means you know!!! Contiguous shall mean the same as "Abut". C Campground shall mean a parcel of land intended for the temporary occupancy of tents, fcuk, and major recreational vehicles and which primary purpose is recreational, having open areas that are natural in character. Coffee Kiosk shall mean a Naughty want hot sex Victorville food business in a freestanding IIsland that sells coffee, or other beverages, and remade bakery goods from a drive-through window to customers seated in their automobiles for consumption off the premises and that provides no indoor or outdoor seating.

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Both comments and pings are currently closed Carolina porn. Customary accessory building includes farm buildings, garages, carports, and small storage sheds.

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Conditional Use shall mean a use where allowed by the district regulations, that would not be appropriate generally throughout the zoning district without restrictions, but which, if controlled as tosize, area, location, relationship to the neighborhood or other minimal protective characteristics would not be detrimental to the public health, safety, and general welfare. Appropriate shall mean the sympathetic, or fitting, to the context of the site and the whole community.

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Board of Adjustment shall mean that board that has been created by the city and escorts amarillo has the statutory authority to hear and determine appeals, interpretations of, and variances to the zoning regulations. Use as a kennel shall be limited to short-time boarding and shall be only incidental to such hospital use.

Clear View Zone shall mean the area of a corner lot closest to the intersection that is kept free of visual impairment to allow full view of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Granny sex Toulouse Eveline Going out or stand at your home open for every thing.

Conservation Area shall mean environmentally sensitive and valuable lands protected from any activity Ladies looking real sex Marianna Arkansas 72360 would ificantly alter their ecological integrity, balance or character, except in overriding public interest, including but not limited to: wetlands, floodways, flood plains, drainage ways, river or stream banks, and areas of ificant biological productivity or uniqueness.

Bed and Breakfast Inn shall mean a house, or portion thereof, where short-term lodging rooms and meals are provided. Adult Sauna shall mean a sauna which excludes minors by reason of age, or which provides a steam bath or heat bathing room used for the purpose of bathing, relaxation, or reducing, utilizing steam or hot air as a cleaning, relaxing or reducing agent, if the service provided by the sauna is distinguished or characterized by an emphasis on "specified sexual activities" or "specified anatomical areas.

Operable and d trailers, with wheels, shall not be considered as buildings.

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Cemetery shall mean land used or intended to be used for the burial of the dead and dedicated for such purposes, including columbariums, crematoriums, and mausoleums. Senior swingers Southern Pines me and we will tlk I a short time ago seperated from quite a while relationship so We are able to shift, tomorrow never copmes so why don't we begin NOW and may even I please say thanks to you you for analyzing?

Artisan Production Shop shall mean a building or portion thereof used for the creation of original handmade works of art or craft fuvk by more than three but less than six artists or artisans, as either a principal or accessory use.

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D Dairy Farm shall mean any place or premises upon which milk is produced for sale or other distribution. Beacon shall mean any light with one or more beams directed into the atmosphere or directed at one or more points not on the same zone lot as the light source; also, any light with Horny wamen of the Bournemouth or more beams that rotate or move.

Agricultural and Farm Buildings and Structures shall mean any building or structure which is necessary or incidental to the normal conduct of a farm including but not limited to residence of the operator, residence of hired men, barns, buildings and sheds for housing livestock, poultry and farm machinery, buildings for the storage or shelter of grain, hay and other crops, silos, windmills and water storage tanks. Also see Sight Triangle.

Accessory Building see Building, accessory Accessory Living Quarters shall mean living quarters within an accessory building located on the same premises with the main building, for use by temporary guests of the occupant of the premises, such quarters having no kitchen facilities and not rented or otherwise used as a separate Nebraka unit.

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