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The piping shall be free from all foreign materials e. Whenever possible, pad should be made in one piece before fitting onto pipe. Gaskets shall not protrude into the bore of pipe. Alarm for hydrocarbon level in the tank iv.

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The discharge of TRVs shall be connected to blow down drain connected to a sump tank of appropriate capacity. The suction and discharge side of the main pumps and booster pumps shall have actuated valves. Manual call point with talk back facilities shall be installed in the strategic locations of large size tank farm and to be hooked up with station fire alarm panel.

The same may be coupled with suitable extinguishing system such as foam system for extinguishing the fire. The piping system shall be hydro flushed to ensure that weld deposits are removed.

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The opinion expressed here is my own. Low discharge pressure trip on pump against pipe rupture to avoid liquid vaporization.

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Unless otherwise specified, the requirements specified in this section will supplement the requirements specified in the respective piping codes and project specifications. Use of ductile iron pipes is not permitted for liquid hydrocarbon pipelines. Looknig

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LPG Pumps shall be provided with a high point vent to safe height minimum 3 meters above the pump in rave of no pump shed or 1. Jy, the project specifications shall be developed to include for type of materials, applicable welding compatibility of consumables and welding procedures, Welding procedures, Pre-qualification test PQTevaluation and acceptance of qualification, frequency of production testing, acceptance and rejection criteria including heattreatment requirements, as applicable.

Emergency Shutdown ESD iii.

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All threading shall be carried-out after bending, forging or heat treatment, but where this is not possible, suitable thread protection shall be provided. Seamless tubing with stainless compression fittings are recommended. raer

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The connections to strain sensitive equipment shall be subject to stress analysis. The of flanged ts for station piping for LPG shall be Looling the extent minimum. The audio visual indication shall be provided at local panel and the pipeline control room. Self conducting structures having metal thickness of more than 4.

All tapping or opening shall be minimum 20 mm dia. Air receivers, air storage bottles and instrument air dryer units shall be provided. A weep hole with nipple at low point shall be provided on the vent pipe hoot order to drain the rain water which may get accumulated otherwise.

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Electrical motor driven or engine driven air compressors shall be used. Low suction pressure of booster and main pump. For sour liquid service requirements as per Schedule 1H shall be complied with. High Casing temperature e. Women want sex Chana ductility materials such as cast iron, semisteel, malleable iron and cast aluminum shall not be used in any pipe.

All electrical equipment operating above volts shall have two separate and distinct connections to earth grids.

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Online water analyzer may be installed at the originating pump station to detect any free water in the LPG being pumped. Insulation and weather proofing shall be fire retardant. This is a full on, rather lengthy, slow to steadily paced book but I encourage you to stick with it as it is worth it in the end as we see to get a happily-ever-after sometimes you have to take a step Hot single girls in Rogers Kentucky from even practising the rules to really see the bigger picture.

The book is fairly clean for a contemporary romance with only a small amount of really sexually explicit scenes towards the end of the book. Tripping of main or booster pump in case of closure of suction or discharge MOVs.

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Threaded ts may be permitted in the above ground stations or above ground section of SV stations only if a welded isolation valve is provided before it. Special attention shall be given to the sealing surfaces and bevelled areas. Ultrasonic testing for pipe ends shall be mandatory.

Screwed pipe fittings shall not be used on any part of the fuel system piping or on the day service tank. Operation of the emergency shutdown system shall also shutdown all Pumps, Prime movers, Control valves and delivery manifold valves except those that are necessary for protection of the equipment. Pipes shall not be supported by other pipes, i. They shall, however, be connected to the earthing system, at least, at two points at the base.

These Lead;oint shall have isolation valves on both sides of safety valve. SIS protects against the possibility of a process excursion developing into an incident and limits the excursion potential.

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