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Danielle: Oh, now that's a mature response. What shall I do? It stands 'way back from the street, in a sort of ragged, weedy garden, and there 's a high brick wall around the whole place, except for a heavy wooden gate at the front covered with ironwork.

That was absolutely all I could get out of our maid Eliza, all she or any one else knew, in fact. Now, mind, not another Word! I don't see why you could n't have written all this to me. The one sitting in the chair was evidently large, and rather stout, and — and different, somehow, although I did n't see either of their faces.

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There 's some one living in it; and once in a long while you happen to see s of it. Presently I heard footsteps in the Benedict garden.

It was a silence that Marcia and Janet had fully expected their companion to break — possibly to reveal some reason for her errand and her Lookingg in the streets. Finally, I concluded, that if I could do it without being meddlesome or prying, I 'd just watch the place a little and see if anything interesting would happen. So I just concluded I 'd trust to chance. But being so close to her and hearing that lovely voice had changed my whole feeling about her.

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Was she free to come and go? I 'd tbe so glad to go with you. Even as they did so they saw it open, and out stepped a little figure. But, directly in the center of the room, in a perfectly enormous armchair sat — a woman! You can't miss it; it 's right fot to a shoemaker's place. Simmonds says every one thinks there is some great mystery about 'Benedict's Folly,' but no one seems to be able to guess what it can be.

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And I wanted — oh, so much! I will always remember I wanted to tell you; I did n't want to write it.

Aunt Minerva could n't, of course, and I was n't acquainted with another person in the city. Was she a relative, friend, or servant? Moral fiber. Really, I acted so silly — you would n't believe it! Aunt Minerva 's going out this morning, and then we 'll have a chance. You won't either of you be fit for a thing to-morrow. But there 's lots more, and the most interesting part of it, too.


I don't know what sort of a voice I had expected to hear, but it was nothing in the least like what I gitl hear. I just rang it suddenly and I had to pull hard, the old fr was so rusty and far away somewhere in the house I heard a faint tinkle. I 'd been for a walk in the wet, just for exercise, and when I came in, Aunt Minerva was out shopping.

And you 'd promised to write every other day!

gidl A stone walk runs from the gate to the front door. I have n't heard any since you left Northam. Matthew: Eli, you're never going to see her again. Aunt Minerva said I went around 'like a distracted chicken' for a while! I should think you would have been interested in it from the first!

But though they stood so for an appreciable moment, she turned neither way, and only stood, her back to the gate, gazing uncertainly to the right and left. But after that, I felt different, — sort of bewitched by that beautiful voice. Won't you tell us yours, if we 're to be friends? Matthew: Why didn't you just tell me?

But as you can imagine, I could n't get the thing out of my mind, and I could n't stop looking at the old place, either. I 'll tell you what happened next.

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I know it! But the worst of it was that I did n't know a soul who could tell me the least thing about it. Eli: Dude, don't mess this up. Nobody calls on you as they do on a new family in the country. Matthew: Moral fiber.

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When she got to the gate, girll had to put down her basket and umbrella and use both hands to unlock it with a huge key. But I need n't have worried, for what do you suppose nwxt If she wants me to go to-morrow, I will. You can't imagine what a strange picture it was — and then the shutter was closed. God, I just wanna bang hot chicks!

And as I sat staring out, it suddenly came to me what fun it would be to try to unravel the whole mysterious affair all by myself.

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