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She was making money almost out of thin air, and had gained entry to the inner sanctum of the seductive nightlife of Las Vegas. Inspired by Kaur's bomb threats and glamorous disguises, the FBI named her "the Bombshell Bandit", and appealed for help from the public. Medium size… they called him by some nickname, I forgot what it was.

Sandeep Kaur walked into the bank wearing a skin-tight black dress, a claritta scarf, her trademark sunglasses, and unusually for bank robbery, open-toe sandals.

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Finally unmasked in the press, Kaur created headlines across the United States, and in her native India. But then… if I'm already thinking of ending my life, Sanya not go rob the bank? It was 5.

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More police cars arrived and a TV news helicopter buzzed overhead. And all of it dripped away.

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She wore party dresses under claritx hospital scrubs, to gu her mother, and began leading a double life. But by 11 Decemberthere was a warrant for her arrest, for failing to pay her casino marker and it wasn't long before Kaur's mother discovered the truth. Medium size… they called him by some nickname, I forgot what it was. But for as long as she can remember, Kaur says she felt like an outsider.

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Officer Swanson alerted a police officer waiting ahead to deploy his spike strips. Aged seven, she moved with her mother and brother, Jatinder, to her father in America. She turned on the radio, and in the car parked next to hers, a man smiled at her. She liked to joke that trouble was Amundeep's Sexy women want sex tonight Seldovia name, as in, wman trouble".

Inside, a greeter jumped out and said: "Hey, how can I help you? I can't focus and be going to work for this little amount of money," she says. Officer Mark Biehl of the St George Police Department was at a nearby fire station when the bank robbery call came in.

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Officer Swanson ordered her out of the car. It is reported that "sensitive" evidence was heard relating to her treatment at the hands of loan sharks.

Aged 20, Kaur left home and moved to Sacramento, where she studied for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Kaur says he led her outside and introduced her to more men. Kaur wore a sweat suit, as she played to pay off her debt to the Bellagio and the loan sharks. I told them what I'd done. Whatever the real timeline, it is clear that Kaur did not repay her debts.

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Then Sahta 28 Januaryshe responded to my letter, asking for answers. And with a "felony" charge on her record, Kaur knew she would not be allowed to work as a nurse again. It is one of the smallest but most prosperous states of India. But the moment she arrived, the familiar flutter of excitement rose in her stomach. A stuffed toy bear stared down from a shelf.

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That day I just got lucky. Sandeep Kaur was born on 11 Novemberin Chandigarh - India's Sznta planned city, sometimes called "the city beautiful".

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She arrived outside a restaurant near the pier at Santa Monica, where she says her creditors were waiting. She parked at the Aria casino, a sister hotel of the Bellagio. I kept thinking… pills.

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The crime is also an overwhelmingly male activity. When her mother fell ill and went into hospital, the year-old Kaur was inspired by a friendly nursing manager to take up nursing. This is how parenting is.

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She says her name means the "first ray of sunlight". Across the square of terracotta-coloured businesses, she spotted the logo of the Bank of the West, a bear walking on all fours - like the bear on the Californian flag, supposed to have been modelled on a grizzly captured in at the behest of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. These are crimes of a violent, serial nature.

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She says her father, who travelled to and fro to India, still attended family functions and pretended nothing had happened. By 1 C,arita, if you don't have the money, we are gonna take you. It's this or nothing. Moments before Kaur arrives, I hear the jangling of her arm and leg shackles.

It was 5. I played blackjack and Gguy kept winning," she says. Kaur says her mother read the story and collapsed. We make it super easy.

She approached the cashier, and told herself: "I just have to do this.

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