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FTD claims to release the October 2nd from St. Dylan started his final tour of the year on October 11 in Brookville, New York.

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Elvis is in good shape on both shows and the sound quality is good. There were originally plans to tour smaller club venues towards to the end of December, but these plans were shelved until the following year.

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In October Dylan toured North America without support from any other major act. That said, it fits quite well technically and it is a good job done in this respect. Dylan then went on to perform concerts in Singapore and Hong Kong. The tour started in the reverse of the original Fastbreak Tour, in the first tour Dylan started in North America and moved to Europe but in the tour Dylan started in Europe and finished in North America.

So, more than 25 years later the same show is released officially, more or less in materiaalistic same sound quality. He performed seven concerts in Canada and ten in the United States. Including a booklet with rare photographs, memorabilia, session notes and movie trivia. The decision to use a show from to make it "complete" is really messing with history.

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Most versions are a little below in performance quality compared to the official used versions. The tour finally came to a close on November 18 at the Fox Theatre in Detroit, Michigan after ninety-three concerts.

The tour moved onto Germany, the Netherlands, France and Belgium. The 8"x 8" slipcase replicates an original Session Reel box. The tour was interrupted in when Dylan was forced to cancel dates after matrialistic a serious medical issue in May. Released as a 5" digipak. Recorded on October 16, in New York City, the concert featured many artists performing classic Dylan songs, before ending with three songs from Dylan himself.

The first soundboard release ever sporting an Elvis concert was Just Pretend. The tour was made up of eleven dates including three in Tokyo and two in Osaka. The Never Ending Tour came to an end on December 17 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania after one-hundred and sixteen shows.

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Most likely it is the show from next day, October 3rd featured here. Mostly due to caughing problems, but also lack of full commitment from Elvis himself. SSome

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Dylan performed a large of concerts in the United Kingdom. This was the first time that Dylan had performed in Florida since The tour came to an end on November 7 in Atlanta, Georgia after one hundred and ten concerts.

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Dylan performed nineteen concerts in Australia and one in New Zealand. Both shows feature a less energetic Elvis and in poorer sound tehder top it of.

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I guess that most Elvis fans today have similar found memories of this bootleg. All tracks have been remixed and mastered from the original 3-track session tapes.

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Paul, Minnesota. There was a break in the tour after only five shows.

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A fantastic experience to listen to, something quite different from the official releases at the time. The tour came to an end after eighty shows, the second shortest tour of the Never Ending Tour.

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During the break many major musical artists gathered at Madison Square Garden to recognize Bob Dylan's 30 years as a recording artist. It includes more than an hour of ly unreleased material, including false starts, break downs, and complete takes! Good quality found also here, the August 12 show CD-2 have never sounded better! Two days later Dylan performed in Malaysia, his first and to date, only concert there to date. There are available the same portions of this spesific segments from the same season, so it was not mandatory.

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But with comparable sound quality to the official products, materialitic miles better than most audience recordings found. Both shows have been available on the bootlegs marked in very good sound quality. FTD has earlier released the July 1st show from the same venue. I find it likely that it is a matter of some kind of laziness.

Found on Fashion For A King. Shortly after completing this tour, Dylan set out on tour again, this time performing in small club venues. The tour came to a close in Newark, Delaware on November Both shows are ly unavailable from a soundboard recording, officially or not.

Dylan performed four unplugged shows at The Supper Club in New York, playing two concerts on each day, one in the afternoon and the other Omhaa the evening. CD-2 focus on one week earlier, not a complete show, rather a blend of the dinner and midnight show. This tour consisted of thirty concerts in the United States.

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Columbia Records announced he was being hospitalized for a potentially fatal chest infection, histoplasmosis. The sound quality is good, though some might argue about the mix used on these tracks. The concerts mainly took place trnder the North-Eastern states of America, as well as four concerts in eastern Canada.

It is still a good listen, although not as much exciting of course!

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