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And I surrendered again, feeling that tension dissolve into skin touch and loving binds, and it was luscious. We urge our students to make their risk-taking explicit so that all parties can choose to consent to those risks or not. For these reasons, we recommend an extended period of study for both tops and bottoms before moving into suspension.

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Waht I love to be tied up. Some people have difficulty breathing, or have impaired circulation, or any of other potential physical conditions that will make modifications necessary.

Layer clothing to be ready for a variety of temperatures. But I stiffened.

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Instead, save the deeper stretches for after the interaction, and stretch to increase flexibility between interactions. For more on this, we recommend ties read this post on Fetlife.

Rope, man… with gt the conventions and classes and teaches and schools of philosophy, rope looks imposing. Avoid clothes with tight bands or bras with underwire, as these can make proper rope placement difficult or add to the risk of nerve compression in some cases.

Being tied up is like a vacation from my neuroses. First Advice for New Bottoms Get ready: Hydrate — not being properly hydrated can increase your risk of injury; make sure you get plenty of liquids leading up to a rope interaction not just right before Eat normally — preferably about an hour before doing rope Pee before you rope! Wanh

In our advanced courses, we examine specific communication strategies to make communication more effective. This is less-commonly accepted by bottoms, as there is often an assumption that the top needs to have skills but the bottom just needs to let things happen. Who taught them to you?

I love being tied up. We strongly disagree. Body Types in Rope Bottoming We want to say a word about body types.

People do that all of the time in a wide variety of activities. However, u; some instances, additional or different skills, approaches, or materials may be required. On Clothing Some tops prefer to tie bottoms who are minimally-clothed or nude.

However, we also want to take a minute to recognize that part of the excitement of rope bondage is the physical stress it causes in the body. How much can you tolerate all your weight resting on that one hip tie?

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Plus, I love the body awareness that being tied up gives me — every twitch of my muscles resonating across the web of ropes across my body, so the tautness in my arms brings some slack to my bound legs, a continual interplay of physics that yanks out of my usual thoughtstream and anchors me to the sensation of me as a purely physical being. Wearing a variety of layers allows you to be prepared for a range of gett. However, the most important traits in a rope top are: someone who is more concerned about your experience in the rope and your safety than about any other aspect looking cool, getting the tie right, etc.

A note on suspension: We recommend that bottoms and tops not move directly into suspension.

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Note: We believe that it is important for bottoms to take responsibility for their experience in rope and their own safety, and we believe communication is an essential tool for doing so. For example: rope grips better to skin than to most fabrics, fabrics can shift and change the placement and tension in a tie, clothing can get caught in the ropes, etc.

Many people find that they feel hot when they are in rope, and feel cold as soon as the rope comes off. In general, tieed clothing is going to be worn, Lady looking casual sex Jeff is best to wear form-fitting clothes that do not restrict your range of motion. Avoid very slippery clothing options as this can make it difficult to keep the rope in the intended location. You Are Not a Robot Some days, you will feel more physically or mentally able to enjoy or process a geg than you will on other days.

This is true for tops, as well. And when I was in their rainbow-colored rope, with them whispering how gorgeous I looked naked and bound, I thought: Maybe we should photograph this.

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This is completely normal, and you should not feel any guilt when this happens. There are legitimate arguments to be made for this that have nothing to do with sex. How long can you stay in that photograph-perfect tie before your shoulders give out? But my gst of rope, at least when it comes to public scenes and public discussions, is not something that I think I love.


While most injuries are minor, they are not uncommon, and potential injuries in rope could last hours to weeks to a lifetime. Last night, my sweetie tied me up tight.

And rope bottoming looks tifd. Be careful with lotions and oils. Please let the truth of this statement sink in and be clear to you.

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However, it is important to recognize and communicate this with your partner. Recognizing when this happens will help you become more attuned to your own experiences in rope.

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While these can be helpful after a rope interaction, avoid applying them before an interaction. Avoid overly-decorative clothes with lots of straps, holes, lace, etc.

So, while our focus in this section is on helping bottoms to successfully egt responsibly manage their side of a rope interaction, we do not mean to minimize the role and responsibility of the top to elicit communication, to check in frequently, to listen and respond appropriately, Wanf follow positive consent practice. Below are suggested areas to focus on as Swinger party 29032 begin your journey as a rope bottom, along with some suggestions for where to go next.

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