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The cap piece could have been "walked" up the ramp by pulling on one set of ropes at a time, effectivly doubling the manpower.

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It wnyone therefore unlikely that any of cylindrical form would be found which could be rolled as you suggest. Might the stone age builders are used stones as leverage instead of ramps to set the Stonehenge stones upright? Question: Most religious practices in those days involved some sort of ritualistic or actual animal sacrifice. Also, are there any writings on the stones at all?

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Was anyone making nice new planks 4, years ago? Question: How far has the procession of the equinox moved the position of the summer solstice on the horizon since the time Stonehenge was built?

Why doesnt anyone answer these

Question: Where are the stones you have erected in this experiment now? The whole thing would weigh about 90 tons, not counting the timbers that you would need to hold it together for the lift. How old is the idea of mortice and tenon? As far as how long each stone took, we obviously can't tell from their finished form how much stone had to be removed to achieve this shape.

The evidence that we do have suggests that there were settlements in the vicinity at the time Stonehenge was built and used but not close by. Question: How do you know when it was built? By finding the Zero gravity spot on these stones single individuals could lift massive tones with ease.

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How many s of nayone ago did human first habitate in this area U. You would have to balance it there before packing it firmly in place and I think that it would be potentially much more unstable than if it was in a hole with one vertical and one ramped side.

Question: Considering the accuracy with which the monoliths were placed, what tools were found, not for building, but for measuring distance from the angles necessary for the use of such elaborate principles of physics to construct the trililthon? Question: Is it possible that the purpose of stonehenge was a sort of gateway to the heavens, what these early thought of as the transcendental realm? Question: If they used one A-Frame could they have linked two or three of them, and reduced the effort more?

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Did they have any other ansder Personally I wouldn't like to try 90 tonnes plus all the timber you would need to hold the whole thing together even with the mortice and tenon ts holding the lintel roughly in place.

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Basically, as far as I'm concerned, Stonehenge is a big seasonal calendar and a wonderful place. The stones were then raised to upright with a mound of Earth acting as a stop support and later as an incline to facilitate moving the lintels in place.

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Why use the animal-fat-based greased "cold" - why not keep pots of it heated for continual application as needed? Question: I noticed several questions about using pulleys.

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It obviously carries risks, and having quarried a ton block, it would be unfortunate to crack it in the wrong place. Is it possible that beasts of burden were used for the heavy pulling?

Why doesnt anyone answer these

This can't be the way that the larger Sarsens were transported, as there aren't any convenient rivers that run from the place where they qnswer found to Stonehenge. The stone age people also undoubtably used many many more people than the show did. It's possible that any one of the stones which we now see built into the structure could have been used as that pivot stone before being erected.

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Question: When I visited Stonehenge in I was told that ansewr current monument was the 6th or 7th on the site and that it had never been a place of habitation, except during the various constructions and a few religious caretakers. Enjoyed the program but agreed with the analysis that the solutions were over engineered. Question: Have you considered using a series of sliding fulcrums where each doesny of the ton stone is pulled in turn, and in effect walking it balanced in the middle?

Why doesnt anyone answer these

That might explain who paid for the work the wealthy who had taken ill. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Six big questions

Some of them do look quite rough, whereas others are very finely finished, and we suspect that they simply chose the optimum shape as the stone came out the ground, and then shaped it as much as they possibly could. People appear never to have lived at Stonehenge itself, in the same way that people don't live in most churches. So, yes, they would have been able to make smooth planks. I've heard that on either the longest or shortest day of the year, the sun rises or sets just at the entrance. The sarsen trilithons in the center clearly had to go up naswer the outer sarsen circle.

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